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Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!  You will probably never see so many pumpkins in one place!  The perfect pumpkin awaits you and remember to take a picture of yourself and your prize in front of our 30 foot tall  Pumpkin Pyramid.


You will love our selection of squash.  We plant around 30 varieties each year.  We have a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors! Great for fall decorating and oh so yummy!


Don’t forget about apples! We grow 5 different varieties in our orchard! We offer pick-your-own apples and sell already picked bags in the barn. Don't forget to grab one of our famous caramel apples or grab one of Grandma Evy’s apple pie or crisp out of the freezer. Take home to bake and your guests will be in heaven! 

Ornamental Corn, Gourds and More!

Hardy mums, mini pumpkins...the list goes on and on.  Everything that you need to decorate your home!

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